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About Us

The knowledge of the unknown is what keeps a human being going. The thrill of the darkness of the point and the mystery of tomorrow keeps one living and through a hard felt life. Thus is the instinct to human nature. Mystery is what makes the soul search for answers. And it is the single most used mechanism in designing or producing anything for the human culture. May it be movies, advertisements, tourism, and websites. That is exactly what we would be aiming for. Mystery is what will keep the mind questioning and searching for answers.

.      To grow interest of the viewer or a user surfing through the website must keep a sense of self assessment of the given images and must not completely understand the context only through a single image. He or she must feel the urge to learn about the particular project and must be drawn towards it. Thus the mystery kept out on a single visual is what will drive a viewer searching into them.

 .     Color is the single most defining component in our everyday life. We asses, judge, settle on value judgments and are driven by it. Too much in a single visual in a website would make it look like a retail shopping mall rack. And that is one impression we definitely don’t want our viewers to have.  So the images on the welcome panel would at first be of gray scale and when hovered onto an image with a mouse it would pop up in color. Revealing itself and keeping the viewer interested upon hovering though each and every image to see the true detail of its nature. This would encourage a viewer to hover from image to image before selecting a particular link.

.     Each picture denotes a single project. A project which was unique to its location and different from all other projects whose images are held otherwise. There are a number of circumstances that has shaped the thoughts of the image to be the way it was. Thus individuality is a fact that we must consider and make prominent in the website. The arrangement of the images should be able to differentiate so that they stand as completely separate entities. So we suppose lines separating each image can .create this sense.